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What Are Your Strengths? You Should Want to Know Your Strongest Stripes

Originally posted on A Color Pop Life:
There seem to be two great competing philosophies on whether someone should embrace their natural strengths, or extend the majority of their attention on their weaknesses.  Myself, I see value and purpose in both. Natural strengths put you in a position to accentuate your potential for consistent higher performance, or outcome(s), in what you’re doing.  You’re more likely to experience more successes at the task(s) at hand, and contribute with greater ease.  It probably comes to no surprise that the following are proven outcomes you may expect when embracing your natural strengths: Increase Your Overall Happiness Increase Your Ability to Manage Problems Decrease Stress Increase Confidence Accomplish More Goals Strengthen Relationships On a different standpoint, switching predominant energy on nurturing weaknesses does lend an opportunity to see where growth in future potential can be realized.  But, I’m not sure I agree that we are meant to be good at all things.  I mean, think about it for a moment … in football, would you give Tom Brady feedback that his…