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Reading Homework: 4th Grade Homework Template for Writing Favorite Parts, Great Sentences, and Thoughts

Bonjour, bonjour TBSH Friends!  Need I say more – I mean, does the title of this blog give it away too much?  Yes … Ms. Huff has made a little switch-a-roo on the reading and writing homework this week and I can’t bare Amelie not having some structure to her reading and writing homework.  It’s helped her out so much already – so I’m at it again 🙂 This template was adjusted to accommodate for three main writing exercises: Writing about your favorite part(s) of a book read Writing two great sentences of a book, or article, read Writing down your thought(s) after having read a book I hope this template helps the budding reader and writer in your family as it does mine … and don’t forget to pass it on (does the milk commercial chime in your head, too, when reading that?!?!)  — XOXO, Bridge   Reading Homework Template [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Reading and Writing Homework Template”]

Spelling Homework: The Template for the 4th Grade Pattern Spelling Assignment

Howdy TBSH friends!  Am I obsessed with homework?  Perhaps … okay, full confession here –  I LOVE it!  No, seriously, you can ask my kids.  The very first thing I ask when they get home AFTER asking how their day was, is: What do you have for homework?  I get giddy for homework – don’t judge me 🙂 So, a few weeks ago I posted my first blog post on a reading homework template I created for Amelie to help her structure her reading homework in a more meaningful way.  Well, I’m at it again with spelling homework now because this girl can make a muck out of a simple spelling assignment! If you’ve noticed, 4th grade spelling homework lately has been asking for the kiddos to write down their spelling words based on their pattern.  I went back to the organized junky I am and created another template for Amelie … and for your kiddos, too 🙂 So, here you – I hope you enjoy and please pass it around!!!  — As always, send loads …

Did Someone Say Homework? A 4th Grade Reading Homework Template Student, Parent, and Teacher Approved!

I heard rumor 4th grade was the year they ramp up the intensity of reading homework to get the kiddos amply on their way towards good critical reading and comprehension skills.  And, given what I’ve learned in my coursework on the U.S. Education and Schools Systems whereby as a nation we are falling extremely behind in our overall global comparison in all basic areas of academic concentrations in Math, Science, and Reading, I am more able to support this extra work than what I found from 3rd Grade for Amelie. Don’t get me wrong, 3rd grade had its fair amount of reading and homework, but for some reason there seems to be a noticeable difference from the amount of homework between 3rd and 4th! I have been silently eager (okay … I just fibbed – it has been secret at least in my household!  In fact, that is probably the first question my kids get asked EVERY day), to find out what the homework assignments are for the day.  Amelie has surprisingly been coming home …