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Hats: Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out!

Grab your hat and celebrate in style today! It’s National Hat Day! And, thank you Dr. Seuss for that wonderful quote: Why fit in when you were born to stand out! Have you ever noticed how a person wearing a hat just looks more…well, polished and cool? It really doesn’t matter what kind of hat! Hats just take things up a notch. Makes one stand out! Compared to the practicality of shoes and handbags, it’s easy to consider hats an afterthought. Everyone needs footwear to leave the house in, and bags to carry your things around. That being said, hats are plenty practical when they are protecting your head from the elements. Plus, they are major styling pieces! While different types of hats have different types of “personalities”, the same holds true for when someone dons a hat! Does a beret make you feel French, or like a spy? A cowboy hat like a cowboy? A hat can really change the way a person feels or perceives themselves, as well as how they project themselves …

The Watch List: Dior et Moi (Dior and I)

Christian Dior is a fashion industry icon – an empire built from the original vision of the man, Dior, himself. This documentary offers great insight into the makings of a fashion line in 8 weeks for the Dior label by a lesser known, yet respected, designer, Raf Simons. Put your most inspired outfit on – grab a comfortable seat – and spend an hour being inspired by Dior et Moi!