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Bayou Bend Gardens: Who Would Have Known Houston Has Its Own Versaille!

Originally posted on A Color Pop Life:
Have you ever gone to a place, on a sporadic moment, because the something about the way the sun shined that day just screamed, “Be adventurous and do something different today?”  And, suppose that moment did happen for you – when you tried that something new, did you ever find yourself so happy you followed that inner voice.  And, the place you embarked upon was just so awesome you realized you could have stayed so much longer than you did?  Well, you – my friend – and I have something in common because this is exactly what happened to me when venturing to the Bayou Bend Gardens in Houston, Texas a few weeks ago! Initially, I was in a solemn mood on a recent March day … a sweet soul that I would like to remember as a friend I had just heard passed away unexpectedly, naturally casting a sadness over me … the sky was in this overcast/sunny conflict and it couldn’t make up its mind on…