Meet Bridgette

Hello!  I am Bridgette.

Howdy and Bonjour – I’m Bridgette!  I can be known to be quite the open book when it comes to my life, but hopefully I won’t turn this page into a novel – for your sake.  So I am going to do my best in sharing some of the more obvious things about me … and maybe offer a few sprinkles of quirky things, too … because that’s me!  Alright … here we go …

In talking to me, most people don’t realize I am a born and raised Texas gal.  I am suspecting my accent has become some fusion mix because I married a wonderful man from France and think his accent has distorted mine.  In our home, in fact, we claim we speak Fre-xan 🙂  So, I guess that leads into another thing about me in that I have two Fre-xans: Max and Amelie.  Max is a tween and Amelie is a pre-tween!  I find them lovely on most days but of course sometimes sit in bewilderment at the things they’ll do, the things they’ll fuss over, and even perhaps the creative things they will say to get out of ANYTHING!  They are pretty cool little peeps though – but, I’m supposed to say that, right 😉

Prior to embarking on To Be Simply Happy I was a full-time working gal in the technology space for over 15 years.  Yes, I remember the days when VB was heralded the best thing since sliced bread.  I have been extremely privileged in fulfilling a career in broad spectrum, from budding a few tech start-ups of my own … to helping other pre-IPO tech market leaders fast track to their own success.  In fact, I think the longest day I’ve worked was 48 hours straight (and that was when my Fre-xans were toddlers).  I am quite excited to share some of my tales from my own career, as well as share the perspectives and tips/tricks from being a working mother in such a fast-paced, ever-evolving, male-dominant environment.

But, besides having focused on my career for some time, I also have been equally privileged to enjoy a journey in finding my happiness in areas of: home decor, food (this is where I am having explosive fun lately in discovery), DIY projects (this is an area I am starting to form addiction), and travel (oh the many places I am ready to see)!  You have probably already caught on I live in a world of exclamation marks; perhaps I’ll post the time my PR team tried an intervention to stop this habit – clearly it didn’t work!!!  I have been accused a lot to being peppy, whether it is at 7:30 in the morning roaming the office ready to say my good mornings … to my general outlook on things.  Clearly you’ll eventually be the judge of that.  Let’s see … one last thing about  me that comes to mind is I am also currently pursuing my degree at Harvard.  I will probably be indoctrinated as the graduate that took the longest to finish, but I am not bothered by setting my own path – on my time.  I am loving every moment of it and sincerely enjoy the opportunities of expanding the mind.  Truly bodacious 🙂

Alrighty – thank you for joining the “Get To Know Bridge Show”!  I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me.  Don’t be a stranger  … and as I remember from a show I watched in my youth (Beverly Hillbilly’s): “Y’all Come Back Now! Ya Hear?” !