About Us


We are Angela and Bridgette, dear friends that have decided to begin a new adventure: To Be Simply Happy, a women’s lifestyle company and blog!  Why would we do this?  It so happens we both have a common passion in that we want to create and curate a place of inspiration for others.  Both being women raising families and nurturing the things that make us our best, there are many dimensions to what makes us simply happy that we think by sharing these moments … these ideas … these experiences, they may also inspire you in your own quest for happiness 🙂

Like most good friends, we both have great things in common, but also admire our differences in the careers we have made for ourselves … our sense of styles … our diverse perspectives … our varying quirkiness and personalities … and even our assortment of taste buds!  This is what has inspired the things you can find on the blog: food and drink recipes, DIY projects, home decor ideas, travel chronicles and tips, lifestyle inspirations, and career advice and tidings.

All of these areas of our lives bring happiness and fulfillment, and we wish to keep nurturing them, using the blog as our platform for sharing and engaging with other like-minded and like-inspired ladies!  And, if there is one important thing we have figured out it is: Never let a moment of laughter pass us by … so expect to share many laughs with us throughout the blog 🙂

A few questions we are predicting you’re asking yourself right now:

  1. When is To Be Simply Happy’s birthday, you ask?  May 25, 2016!  Yep, that’s right – TBSH is a young one!
  2. Who are the ladies, Bridgette and Angela, you speak of?  Check us out on our individual pages: Bridgette – Angela.  We understand you’re curious!
  3. Does To Be Simply Happy go by anything else – my goodness that is a long name!  Yes, you can call us TBSH … we already are!
  4. What are you hoping to achieve with TBSH?  Great question – we can see we’ve got some smart cookies here.  We are all on a quest to embrace the great person we are today while nurturing ourselves to a better person we aim to be tomorrow.  We are sincerely wanting To Be Simply Happy to be a trusted source you can let your hair down … learn something new … be inspired … laugh with your friends … feel safe in self-reflection … engage and share in your own ideas and inspirations … and simply be happy and smile!

We hope you reach out and get engaged in our blog and over social media …  and until you do – happy reading! Now … go out there and live a “simply happy” life!

Meet Angela!

Angela Yegyayan

Hi! I’m Angela. The blonde here at To Be Simply Happy. I’m also the “older” of the two of us, but I’ll refrain from the exact details. You probably don’t want to know anyway 😉  I’m a Louisiana-born Texas transplant. My mom and I moved to Houston when … Read More

Meet Bridgette!

Bridgette Penel

Howdy and Bonjour – I’m Bridgette!  I can be known to be quite an open book when it comes to my life, but hopefully, I won’t turn this page into a novel – for your sake.  So I am going to do my best in sharing some of the most obvious things about me … and maybe offer a few sprinkles of quirky things, too … because that’s me!  Alright … here we go … Read More