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De-Stress According to Your Astrological Sign

the ANGELA edit

According to Well and Good, whether you’re a feisty fire sign or an airy daydreamer, there’s a de-stressing method that fits your unique astrological profile just right. Think of this as your toolkit to regaining that feeling of Zen, regardless of how hectic things get.

“Astrology has helped us determine our decorating style, bedroom paint color, travel plans, ideal engagement ring, and so much more—why stop at stress management?”

Read on to see how how your astrological sign should de-stress. And, let me know in the comments section at the end if you think they got it right! I think that they hit the nail on the head with mine – Capricorn – having a plan set in place always makes me feel more at ease. Though a good massage never hurts 🙂

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