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A Unicorn Painting Party for Girls

A couple of weeks ago was my daughter Lola’s 8th birthday. She wanted a unicron themed party so that’s what she got! Well, originally we were just going to do a mobile painting party. You know, the kind that come to you. Lightbulb! We can do both! A unicorn painting party!

To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party


I reached out to Vivian at My Picqasso. We are both members of Women Helping Women to Network here in Houston. Vivian drafted a beautiful unicorn painting suitable for 8 – 12 year old girls abilities and the rest was up to me.

There are definitley other bloggers out there that are craftier than me, throw pretty awesome parties, and have great blog posts about them! I think that I am only “averagely crafty”. While I do not claim to be a great party thrower, I do think that I do pretty good most times 😉 and would love to share with you how our unicorn party came out.

I went online to search for unicorn horn headbands for all the girls. Most of them were around $15 to $20 and I needed 15. Not wanting to throw down $300 for these I decided to make my own. I knew it would take me quite a while, but the savings were significant! 15 headbands only cost me about $80. I then found a video on YouTube that seemed to fit the bill! They turned out great! In the video she uses gold leaf flakes on the horn, but I opted to use colored glitter.

Another thing that I would want to be different is for the headbands to have “teeth”. They stayed on the girl’s heads, but tended to slip a bit…

These are a little time consuming, so don’t try to do these the day before you need them! You could probably knock them out in 1 day if you spent most of the day working on them. I chose to spend a couple of hours over a few days. You have to shape the clay into horns, bake, and cool before the mod podge and glitter. Then the mod podge and glitter needs to dry between coats too. Then there’s the gluing of the horn and letting it set. Yadayadayada…..

Here’s what I needed to make them:

A 30 pack of multi-colored 2cm headbands on Amazon for $20

Sculpey oven clay from Michael’s for $30

Mod Podge from Michael’s $5

Feather boa from Michael’s for $5

Pack of different colored glitter from Michael’s for $13

Glue gun and glue sticks I already had.

To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party

To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party

Next I made “unicorn dust”. Little bottles of glitter with a “unicorn dust” label that I made myself. These were super easy. I bought 20 bottles for $13 on Amazon.

To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party

The cupcakes! I ordered vanilla cupcakes with bright pink frosting from our local Ooh La La Cupcakes Bakery here in Houston and added the mini ice cream cones on top! Aren’t they cute!


To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party

You can’t have enough sweets, right? So I made “unicorn fluff”! Cotton candy on cake pop sticks. I then stuck them into pieces of styrofoam that I had painted gold.

To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party

To Be Simply Happy: Unicorn Party

Since the party was between lunch and dinner the only other thing that I made for the girls to eat was popcorn. I knew that they would be busy painting anyway.

As for the painting part, Vivian with My Picqasso was fabulous and did a great job helping the girls create their own unicorn masterpieces! Just look at their great artwork!

You should definitely contact her if you are in the Houston area wanting to do a mobile painting party! You can also have a in-studio party at their location in Spring, Texas.

Overall, it turned out great! And, I loved that the girls got to leave with a unicron painting for their rooms!

TBSH: Unicorn Painting Party


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