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In Case You Missed It: Our January Posts!

Hi TBSH friends! This post is way late! Well, 2 weeks late. The first part of February has been crazy busy for me! How about you? We had a unicorn birthday party (post coming soon), Bruno Mars concert, basketball games, Girl Scout Cookie deliveries, and the flu making it’s way around my house!

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But, “In Case You Missed It”, we had 18 posts in January! And, there was quite a variety of topics for your reading pleasure 😊

5 Tips for Setting and Keeping Your New Year Resolutions


Warm Up to A Comforting Bowl of Lentil Soup: Just 6 Hours in the Crock Pot

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Beneficial or Not?


Are You Ready to Go Green with Pantone’s Color of the Year!


Delicioso: A Simple Cinnamon Chips Recipe Perfect for the Afternoon Snack Appetite


A Day’s Personal Outlook: What is Your Glass?

Featured Image -- 6002

On the Heels of a New Year: A Mind Mapping Exercise to Craft Your Resolutions

Featured Image -- 6023

Double Up: Making the Most of Your Time with Work and Friendships

Bridgette and Angela Enjoying a Double-Up Date

Hats: Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out!



8 Home Habits That Mean You Are More Intelligent!

Signs of intelligence

Can A Organic Skincare Line Really Fight the Affects of Aging? I Think So!


Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: A Guilt-Free Gluten-Free Recipe


A Lost Art: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?


Compliment Cards: 10 Compliment Cards to Share


What Are Your Strengths? You Should Want to Know Your Strongest Stripes

Featured Image -- 6349

Happy Chinese New Year: What Will the Year of the Rooster Bring?


Gluten Free Slow Cooker Beef Tips and Rice

To Be Simply Happy: Beef Tips

Around Town: The New Grotto Ristorante in Downtown Houston is a Must! 


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