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6 Best World Whiskeys Under $50 for the Whiskey Lover on Your Gift List

Happy Friday friends! Is it really just 2 days before Christmas?!?! How did this happen?!?! I ask myself the same question every year! Nonetheless, here we are. Santa is on the way! And, your gift shopping best be almost done!

There’s a pretty good chance that someone on your list would enjoy a nice bottle of whiskey! Dad, grandpa, uncle Jack, aunt Betty 🙂

Whoever it may be, you don’t have much time left! But, you can certainly pop into the liquor store and grab a gift on the run that’s sure to please!

To save you some time, I have compiled the 6 Best World Whiskeys Under $50, per

Here goes…

KNAPPOGUE CASTLE ($46 – Ireland)

“Really cool Irish single-malt that you don’t see very often, but drinks very nice.”


“Scrappy, flavorful, and delicious, Tully has the characteristic Irish smoothness with a bit more punch.”

LOT 40 ($50 – Canada)

“Canadian rye whiskey the way it is supposed to taste.”


“With a great history dating back to 1779, this great classic Irish whiskey is finally back.”

SUNTORY TOKI ($45 – Japan)

“A blend of 3 Japanese whisky with a slight straw color and fragrant floras. Perfect in a highball.”

TULLAMORE D.E.W. 12 YEARS ($50 Ireland)

“This is delicious whiskey offering all of the true characteristics of Irish whiskey and smooth and velvety flavors.”

So, there you have it. 6 great whiskeys for $50 and under that are sure to make someone SIMPLY HAPPY 🙂

*photos and descriptions courtesy of

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