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Tis The Season For Gift Wrapping: A Simple How-To on Wrapping Those Holiday Gifts

Hello TBSH!  It’s Bridgette, here, and I had a travesty hit me this week: yet another lost soul roaming the Houston landscape divulged they never learned how to gift wrap.  In fact, this individual even had the audacity to tell me they don’t like gift wrapping.  The horror … the horror of it all, I tell you!

First, my immediate reaction was to not let my face show my shock and bewilderment.  Was this person robot?  Were they mental?!?!  (Just kidding on that one … OR, am I?!?!?)  Second, I gave them a hug.  Yes, I hugged a total stranger and it felt great 🙂  I had to hug them – I had pity for them and I just needed them to know everything will be better soon!  Third, I made a promise to myself, and to them, that I’d do a quick tutorial on how to wrap a simple gift … and this would change their life forever.

To understand where I’m coming from with regards to my affinity towards gift wrapping, the first thing that you must know about me is I was THAT kid in the family that begged, and pleaded, to wrap everyone’s gifts for holidays … birthdays … valentines … you name it –  because I just got so much joy and self-fulfillment when imagining their face when they saw THE gift … you know, the one that is the best darn looking gift under the tree!  And, I quickly learned this wrapping wasn’t for the faintest of hearts because this girl had four other siblings to wrap for!  I loved, though, how without even opening the gift their face(s) would light up, and they already felt special without even having ripped one sliver of the paper 🙂  Seriously, you have no idea how many times I had the evil plot of just wrapping empty boxes that looked divine and selfishly just sitting back with my hot cocoa and basking in watching them open gifts … I mean, empty boxes!  This is still on my bucket list 🙂

Okay … now that you can see just how cuckoo my mind can wonder sometimes, I’m sure you’re ready to watch this How-To tutorial.  It’s a great follow-while-wrapping guide that you can come back to as often as you need.  And, for that special someone(s) … yes, there was more than one person I came to discover this holiday season who have lived a less fulfilled life from not gift wrapping … happy gift wrapping!  — XOXO, Bridge

How To Gift Wrap


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    • Bridgette Penel says

      So happy to hear there are others around that also feel wrapping of the gift is a gesture of thoughtfulness!


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