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DIY: The Star Package


Hello TBSH Friends 🙂  Has it really been that long since I last posted?  Why do the holidays all consume me?  Well … I need to be a bit more real with the situation because I just came back from Maui with my beloved and didn’t even get the chance to spend one day with the kiddos before I was off to Galveston to participate in my first holiday markets.  All of this being said, I’m back now and ready to share a cute idea I have for wrapping holiday gifts this year!


I have ALWAYS loved wrapping gifts 🙂  There is something about seeing the face of the person receiving a gift … when they recognize you’ve put some thought to wanting to deliver something that would warm them, or perhaps excite them.  It is such a simple gesture conveying, “I care about you and wanted you to see that, in unspoken words”.  So, it is probably with no surprise I’m up to my normal shenanigans in finding a different way to offer a simple, DIY gift wrapping idea that is sure to please and be THE star package under the tree!

It’s super easy.  It’s seriously adorable!  Let’s Get Started …



  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White Pencil
  • Brown Postal Paper
  • Thread (Any color you want for your package!)
  • Sewing Machine
  • OH … and, of course, the gift you’re wanting to put inside the package!
  • OPTIONAL: Crinkled (Shredded) paper for stuffing


How-To Video:




  1. Step 1.  Gather all of your materials (supplies) listed above.
  2. Step 2.  Take the brown postal paper and lay it flat.  With your white pencil, draw a star that will cover your gift, leaving at least 1-inch space between the edge of your gift and the line you draw on the postal paper.  This 1-inch space should gift enough allowance for you to have space to sew your star together without it being too tight.  Also, HUGE POINT here (no pun intended!), you will not want to put a large box inside a star!  Plush items, or small (like jewelry sized) boxes, are best served for a Star Package.
  3. Step 3.  Cut your star out.  Once you have done this, place it on top of another sheet of the brown postal paper and use as a stencil to sketch another star.  Cut the second star out.
  4. Step 4.  Turn the sewing machine on, and make sure your thread is ready to go.  With both stars perfectly against one another, begin sewing along the edges of the star.  Once you’ve sewn three sides together, stop and take the star off of the sewing machine.  Place your gift, and any crinkle paper you want, into the star.  Now, go back to the sewing machine, and sew together the remaining two sides that are open.  Once you’ve sewn all sides, simply tie a knot on the threaded pieces from where you stopped sewing and, VOILA!


I hope you get the chance to make some eyes twinkle this holiday season with this gift wrapping idea!  Share your comments below on what you think, or if you did your own and have ideas you want to collaborate on.  — XOXO, Bridgette

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