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Mini Quiche: The Go-To Entertainment Recipe For a Quick, Yet Pleasing Finger Food

Have you ever gotten yourself in a time-bind?  You know … that moment when you realize you have guests coming over in about an hour and you haven’t even got food yet prepared to serve them?  I was raised in a manner to always have something to offer – perhaps it’s that southern hospitality charm that is tradition in the deep south of Texas, but in moments where the clock is against you, it sometimes feels more like a curse!

Not too long ago, I had offered to co-host a Get Together with one of my dearest friends. And, like any friend should do, I offered to help with the food.  No biggie – I had this!  I already had it figured out – I was going to order mini quiche from a fabulous personal chef acquaintance that I know does delectable finger foods locally.  I emailed her and thought I had this in the bag … but, then I got the email that said she wasn’t available.  AGHHH … crikey (of course I cannot use explicits!).  I was a few days away from the Get Together and I had NEVER made mini quiche before, but I had committed we’d have them.

I was NOT going to disappoint my friend.  I did what any logical person would do – take to Pinterest and peruse the quiche search results!  Well, that actually did work to my benefit and after reading a number of recipes, I made note of the ingredients that spoke to me most.  And, in a second wind of “don’t panic – you’ve got this, Bridge” moment, I scribbled the ingredients and instructions on a paper.  The next morning (did I mention this was the morning of the Get Together?) I made a dash to the store and in less than 30 minutes was home ready to get my cooking on!  With the helping hands of my handsome little man, Max (he’s actually not so little anymore … about my height – but, he’ll always be my little guy 🙂 … we seriously whipped this recipe’s butt-ay and got these mini quiche prepared in cooking in less than 15 minutes!  The result, you ask?  Fluffy … slightly cheesey … and perfect for two bites of light savoriness!  I couldn’t be more happy.

Alas, there is nothing like taking a moment of panic and turning it into an opportunity to expand and learn something new.  Luckily, for me, the end result turned out great!  And, now, I … and you, too … have a 6-ingredient, go-to for a quick entertainment finger food that doesn’t require fancy ingredients – can be cooking while you finish getting dressed – looks fancy on a white plate (!!!) – can be served for a brunch, Get Together, or even for breakfast the next day for the kiddos if you have left-overs!

I hope you enjoy and until we meet again – Always with love, —- XOXO, Bridge

Mini Broccolini and Tomato Quiche




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