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In Case You Missed It: Here’s a Recap of our October Posts!

Hi TBSH friends! It’s the end of October. Boy, did it go by fast! Hope you all had a spooktacular and ghoulishly good Halloween! I love how excited the kids get and it is so fun to see all the creative costumes. Much cooler than the plastic masks with the flimsy string that we bought at the grocery store when I was a kid 🙂 Does that give away my age?? Yes, I was a child in the late 70’s!

So, Bridgette and I thought we’d start posting a monthly blog recap for you. We both have run into people that tell us that they saw something on the blog that they wanted to read, but were busy at the time and forgot to go back and check it out. We completely understand! Life gets busy. Happens to all of us! Fear not! That’s why we will now be doing these monthly “In Case You Missed It” recaps at the end of each month where you can find all of the previous month’s posts in one place. All you have to do is click on the ones you want to revisit.


4th Grade Spelling Homework Template.

Have a 4th grader who could use a good template when spelling homework is looking for outline to words with a silent e pattern?  Look no further – you now have a printable template to keep that 4th grader soaring in spelling!

4th Grade Spelling Homework Template



Pears and Chocolate: Marry The Two for a Sweet Treat!

Pears are a good fall fruit, and with this simple recipe, you can’t go wrong in treating yourself to natural goodness!

Pear - Chocolate - Mint Recipe


Let’s Get Physical … Physical!

Need a quick, 20-minute conditioning routine fix without stepping outside of the house?  Here is a quick go-to that will get the heart pumping and you hopping out of the door to conquer the day.



4th Grade Reading Homework Template

Writing is getting heavy in homework these days for the 4th graders.  This printable template offers guides for writing favorite parts, great sentences, and thoughts after having ready passages, articles, literature, etc.



Winner, Winner: Chicken Dinner!

Looking for a fresh new way to prepare chicken? Check out this chicken recipe, Nina’s Famous Caribbean Chicken Stew, that is full of hardy, healthy goodness … and, if you make extra you can always pack it up for lunch for the kiddos!



Sweet Tooth Weakness: Cookies While You Sleep!

Is it possible for cookies to be waiting for you when you wake?  It is now!  Impress your guests … or your own taste buds …  with this quick and easy recipe for “Cookies While You Sleep”.

Photography by: Angie Dornier Photography

Photography by: Angie Dornier Photography


We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Want to show your team spirit on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer games? Try these cute DIY cheer sticks! These could be made in the form of basketballs for the upcoming basketball season too!



We didn’t get out quite as many posts in October as we would have liked to, although we have so much that happened in October we are excited about that will be hitting soon! Stay tuned for more coming your way in November and December! We truly appreciate your continued support of our To Be Simply Happy blog!

XOXO – Angela and Bridgette

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