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Cookies While You Sleep: The Fluffiest Meringue Cookies That Make You Feel Like You’re Eating Clouds!

Hello Friend!  I cannot tell a lie … I literally was led to believe at a young age that there were cookies that would magically form into perfect, confection clouds while I was sleeping … and dreaming of sugar plum fairies of course 🙂  Anytime I would ask my baking queen grandmother what these droplets of pure white were called, she was always quick to reply, “Cookies while you sleep”.  I never doubted anything she said, and went on my merry little life always  believing these cookies needed the same dosage of sleep as I did, 8 hours, in order to meet their perfect state.  How could I challenge such a beautiful concept that the lightest, fluffiest cookies would be waiting for me upon sunrise!


Photography by: Angie Dornier Photography

Photography by: Angie Dornier Photography


Some thirty odd years later I actually had a moment of nostalgia and realized I wanted to make those cookies and was growing frustrated that no one … literally NO ONE … had heard of these.  I somewhat got used to the dismissive, awkward eyes that nudged me off as if I had lost my mind … but it didn’t stop me from my hunt to find the recipe for these cookies.  I wanted my daughter to enjoy the same experience: every girl deserves to eat white clouds … especially those with chocolate chips in them!

Alas, after googling and researching I found what I was looking for, albeit not with the name I so fondly wished was what I had known.  Nevertheless, Cookies While Sleep are, in fact, Meringue cookies!  I think I’ll keep the name my grandmother so well engraved in my childhood memories, but I added my own twist of putting mini chocolate chips into them … and a little red dye to give my clouds of sugar heaven the sweetest hint of rose hue.  Of course, you can play around with this recipe and make your cookies any color you wish – so, have fun with it … and why not put these in the oven while preparing to call it a day – what a sweet treat waiting for you in the morning 🙂 — XOXO, Bridge




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