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Nina’s Famous Caribbean Chicken Stew

Hey there lovely ladies! First of all, what the heck happened to fall?!? Oh, that’s right, this is Texas! I was so enjoying the cooler, low humidity days of just a week ago… But, not to fear! Fall just may be back in a few short days. Woo hoo!

I am anxious to start making fall soups and stews and some heartier meals that are perfect with the cooler temps, but not so much when we are sweltering in the Texas heat. Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer…

In the meantime, today I have a recipe to share that’s is great to serve during this transitioning of temperatures time of year. It’s called Nina’s Famous Caribbean Chicken Stew. I’m sure the word “Caribbean” doesn’t make you think much of stew, but this really isn’t a stew you would think of in wintertime. The definition of stew is actually “to cook food by simmering or slow boiling.”

Who the heck is Nina, you ask? Nina is the mother of my BFF of 27 years, Michelle. Nina actually gave me this recipe 10 years ago! See my crumpled and spotted paper copy I printed from her email all those years ago when even my last name wasn’t Yegyayan?


I always love a new way to prepare chicken and even my kids like this one!









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  1. Bridgette Penel says

    You know … I was looking for a new, hearty recipe for my family … one that fit the criteria of my crazy-husband’s diet in preparation for his triathlon + one that I didn’t feel guilty feeding my kids. I am running out now to the store to get some items for this and cannot wait to share the consensus of this meal! Thanks, Angela, for sharing!!! …. Oh, and thanks, too, Nina 🙂


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