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Did Somebody Say October!

Good morning friends! It’s Sunday, October 2nd. I completely missed the fact that yesterday was October 1st! How’d it get here so fast? Feels like last week was just “back to school fair and meet the teacher”, but that was over a month ago!

In any case, here we are in October. Hello October! October really is one of my favorite months. Here in Houston it’s when our weather starts to cool down and we get our first taste of cool, crisp mornings perfect for enjoying morning coffee on the patio, and chilly enough evenings to sit outside near the fire pit with friends and a glass of wine. There’s even a chance we’ll get to drive our cars with the windows down and turn off the a/c in the house and open all the windows before the month is over! It’s these simple things that make me happy 🙂

October also means fun! It’s time to think about costumes and break out the Halloween decorations! I always look forward to seeing what people do. Some of my neighbors have gotten really serious about this Halloween decorating business!!

A fun fact I discovered this morning while browsing the Internet, October is National Pizza Month! THE WHOLE MONTH!! Who knew? We actually ordered pizza last night for dinner as I was too tired to cook after spending most of our day at soccer fields. We kicked National Pizza Month off without even knowing it 🙂 I’m sure there will be many more pizzas to come in October. Where do you like to go eat pizza or have it delivered from? I’d love to hear in the comments section below.

I thought it would be fun to share some other “national (for fun) holidays” that are in October. These are just a small sampling:

October 2 – Name you car day (I’ve yet to do this. Does your car have a name?)

October 4 – Taco day

October 5 – Do something nice day

October 6 – Noodle day

October 7 – Frappe day

October 11 – Sausage pizza day

October 12 – Gumbo day

October 13 – No bra day 🙂

October 14 – Dessert day

October 15 – Cake decorating day

October 17 – Pasta day

October 18 – Chocolate cupcake day

October 22 – Nut day (I don’t think that means act like a nut 😉 but feel free to show your crazy side. If anyone asks tell them it’s National Nut Day)

October 26 – Pumpkin day

October 29 – Cat day

October 30 – Candy Corn day

October 31 – Magic day and of course, Halloween!

So, I hope you all have a wonderful and FUN October! Bridgette and I can’t wait to share all kinds of posts with you this month so make sure and check in often! If you haven’t already, make sure and “subscribe” to our blog so you won’t miss a thing!

xoxo – Angela


  1. Jennifer says

    Russos New York Pizzeria is our go to for family pizza night! Thanks for sharing these fun holidays – I will have to make sure I prepare pasta on October 17th; my boys love pasta!


    • Angela Yegyayan says

      My kiddos love Russo’s too, and I like that they have a gluten free option for me that’s pretty darn good. The new Grimaldi’s at City Centre is really good too!


    • Bridgette says

      I am laughing that National bra-less day is on the 13th! Are they trying to imply it will be superstitiously scary??!?!


  2. Holly says

    Hooray for October! We took the top off our jeep and can’t wait for our first s’mores around the fire pit!


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