Month: October 2016

Cookies While You Sleep: The Fluffiest Meringue Cookies That Make You Feel Like You’re Eating Clouds!

Hello Friend!  I cannot tell a lie … I literally was led to believe at a young age that there were cookies that would magically form into perfect, confection clouds while I was sleeping … and dreaming of sugar plum fairies of course 🙂  Anytime I would ask my baking queen grandmother what these droplets of pure white were called, she was always quick to reply, “Cookies while you sleep”.  I never doubted anything she said, and went on my merry little life always  believing these cookies needed the same dosage of sleep as I did, 8 hours, in order to meet their perfect state.  How could I challenge such a beautiful concept that the lightest, fluffiest cookies would be waiting for me upon sunrise!     Some thirty odd years later I actually had a moment of nostalgia and realized I wanted to make those cookies and was growing frustrated that no one … literally NO ONE … had heard of these.  I somewhat got used to the dismissive, awkward eyes that nudged me off …

Reading Homework: 4th Grade Homework Template for Writing Favorite Parts, Great Sentences, and Thoughts

Bonjour, bonjour TBSH Friends!  Need I say more – I mean, does the title of this blog give it away too much?  Yes … Ms. Huff has made a little switch-a-roo on the reading and writing homework this week and I can’t bare Amelie not having some structure to her reading and writing homework.  It’s helped her out so much already – so I’m at it again 🙂 This template was adjusted to accommodate for three main writing exercises: Writing about your favorite part(s) of a book read Writing two great sentences of a book, or article, read Writing down your thought(s) after having read a book I hope this template helps the budding reader and writer in your family as it does mine … and don’t forget to pass it on (does the milk commercial chime in your head, too, when reading that?!?!)  — XOXO, Bridge   Reading Homework Template [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Reading and Writing Homework Template”]

Work It Girl! My 20-Minute Conditioning Routine for Fall

Happy Tuesday Morning Ladies!  I think I am smelling something called Fall in the air … or maybe it is this nice, dry breeze that seems to be welcoming me in the mornings and evenings now.  Whatever it is – it is SO nice 🙂  And, as I am quickly reminded, along with Fall comes the busyness of school … plus multi-sport schedules for the kids … a little sprinkle of fun with holiday get togethers and events … and BAM – you’ve got yourself a bonafide full schedule!  Well … this little mamma needs to get some workout in somewhere, and somehow.  Therefore, to add some conditioning to my few days a week of yoga, I started to do 2-3 days, a week, of 20-minute conditioning activities that is already getting my yoga pants to feel just a little more comfortable – is that even possible?!?!? So, I thought, no need to be stingy with my routine and share this because I know I’m not alone with trying to fit in pockets of exercise …

Pears, Chocolate, and Mint: A Recipe So Quick and Easy Even a Mom Multi-Tasking Can Do It!

Howdy – Howdy everyone!  It’s about time again for a sweet recipe, especially with Autumn making a gentle entrance into Texas finally.  In a ever so brief moment when there was a speck of silence in my house I picked up the closest magazine in sight and wouldn’t you know, I found a recipe that was my kind of treat: includes seasonal fruit (pears), has chocolate (dark is my fav!), and is actually pretty darn easy to make!  For me, I was done – put this on the “Try It” list 🙂 And, away I went at getting ready to try this recipe out: write down the recipe – check … buy the ingredients – check … get out the kitchen utensils – check.  Here I am standing in the kitchen, ready to go, albeit still in my workout montage, and Max and Amelie waltz right into the kitchen and decide they want to make this into a Vlog (video+blog).  I mean, who was I think I was going to make this recipe on my …

4th Grade Homework: Spelling Template with a Silent E Pattern

Bonjour mammas!  Umm … Ms. Huff did it again!  The kiddos have spelling homework but she switched the pattern on us this week!  Not to fret, though … the last template was very easy to modify.  So quick, in fact, I have sounds of the old Batman series running thru my head … BAM – POW – SHAZAM! This isn’t a long post, for sure, but you’re hopefully getting what you need: A new spelling homework template this week for your favorite 4th grader!  Happy spelling homework time 🙂 [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”4th-grade-spelling-homework-silent-e-pattern-template”]