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Did Someone Say Homework? A 4th Grade Reading Homework Template Student, Parent, and Teacher Approved!

I heard rumor 4th grade was the year they ramp up the intensity of reading homework to get the kiddos amply on their way towards good critical reading and comprehension skills.  And, given what I’ve learned in my coursework on the U.S. Education and Schools Systems whereby as a nation we are falling extremely behind in our overall global comparison in all basic areas of academic concentrations in Math, Science, and Reading, I am more able to support this extra work than what I found from 3rd Grade for Amelie. Don’t get me wrong, 3rd grade had its fair amount of reading and homework, but for some reason there seems to be a noticeable difference from the amount of homework between 3rd and 4th!

I have been silently eager (okay … I just fibbed – it has been secret at least in my household!  In fact, that is probably the first question my kids get asked EVERY day), to find out what the homework assignments are for the day.  Amelie has surprisingly been coming home with more homework than Max, who is in 6th grade (this will be another post as I find out what is going on with little-to-no homework in 6th grade).  And, for the most part, her homework has been quite straight forward … except for her reading homework. Her reading and literature teacher is providing great construct to the homework expectations, but Amelie was dearly struggling with how to take multi-instructional tasks and organize the answers in such a way she could ensure she completed everything as expected.  I typically have her show me her homework once she has completed it just to review and make sure if there are any glaring gaps of completion I can help her realize them.  This exercise is how I realized she couldn’t answer a simple question with confidence: Did you complete everything required for homework with your Reading?

So, like Mary Poppins going back to her handy-dandy bag of tricks, I did the same with dusting off my good ol’ organizational skills and realized I could probably help her by creating a template for her reading assignments.  I realized this type of ability to organize myself and thoughts probably wasn’t as mature in 4th grade as it is now, and my expectations of her being able to do this independently was probably a bit unfair on my part.


Homework Assignment.

The reading homework assigned to Amelie is the below: Reading Homework Assignment  

Template Used To Compliment Homework Assignment.

In order to help Amelie organize her thoughts and tasks associated to the assignments, per day, I created the below template that she used to complete her work.   [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”4th-grade-reading-homework-template-v2″]   Amelie seemed to really grasp more of what was expected of her when she used the template to complete her work.  Further, she was SO proud to show off her work in a quality manner to her teacher.  In fact, her teacher asked her for the template so should other students wish to use it they can 🙂  I call that a win-win for everyone!!!  When I heard that I knew I had to post and share because, as a parent, I was beaming with pride for Amelie that she felt triumphant and achieved for having done quality work, and the teacher recognized her for the same.  And, what parent doesn’t want that for their child 🙂  Therefore, I hope this template helps should your kiddo, too, need a great template to complete a like assignment!  And, please share if you feel other mothers and kiddos could benefit from using the template — pass the homework domination love around 🙂 Toodles and XOXO — Bridge

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