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What Makes Kids Happy After School? The After School Pop Snack!

Hello again all of you lovely TBSH friends – it’s Bridge!  Remember me?  OMG … Has it really been that long since I’ve posted you guys? I think it has been at least a few weeks.  Why the absence?  I’m pulling the “mommy has been WAY to busy getting two kids ready for back to school” card out on this one.  I’d be lying though if I said I didn’t miss you all because I have 🙂

Zuko Mini Pops: Mold

Zuko Mini Pop Mold

Now with the first week of school settling in (YAY!), I’m having to go back and remember the fact my kids are dying for a snack by the time they get home now.  I guess their brains are on overload, and thus their energy is in over dry?  That’s my theory, for now!  The Texas heat is still squelching (especially at the time school lets out) and that means anything cool and refreshing is a major win as a snack.  I have about a dozen snack options I typically offer the kids, but the pops are gaining major points lately because they are: (1) SUPER easy to make (even the kiddos enjoyed making these and being creative with the juice combinations), (2) EXTREMELY refreshing, and (3) NOT expensive to make!


Zuko Mini Pops don’t last long with the Houston heat and when enjoying them with a friend!


Zuko Mini Pops - A Simple Delight For The Kiddos

Toast to Zuko Mini Pops 🙂



And … as finishing up one, the mind immediately races to which flavor one should have next!


Want to get the pop snack party started at your house?  You should – it’s “easy-peazy, lemon-squeezy” (as they used to say in kindergarten!).  Get yourself the Zuko Mini Pop mold kit and get to poppin’ with endless flavors and recipes to make popsicles fun, tastey, healthy … You get it :). When we first got ours this summer I bought loads of juice flavors, which you’ll find from the pictures in my post.  But, I am getting pretty giddy with trying out new recipes, like what I have posted on our Pinterest Board – take a peek!  Sprinkles … chocolate … fruit, Oh My!  Popsicle sure has come a long way since their debut and I may just have to find ways to incorporate this as a yogurt breakfast pop soon (I’ll let you know how it turns out!) … because I’m finding SO many cool flavors and combinations now with popsicles!



Zuko Mini Pops: Step 1. Don’t believe your eyes – these look TOO good to be true!



Zuko Mini Pops: Step 2. Because you don’t believe your eyes, read the SIMPLE instructions on how to make mini pops: Get Flavored Syrup or Recipe – Pour Into Mold – Freeze – Eat!



Zuko Mini Pops: Step 3. Dream of the possibilities of ALL the popsicles you can eat …!


And, incase you’re still questioning how easy making these can be, here is Amelie showing you how it’s done!  ENJOY 🙂



Therefore, super hero mommas of the world, if you need a little something different to put excitement into after school and get those little minds of tomorrow ready to spend some brain power on homework, get to poppin’ with Zuko Mini Pops!  Or, better yet, let the kids take over the kitchen and have them make their own 🙂

Psst … you can get the Zuko mini pop mold from so many places, like Sur La Table … Amazon … Bed, Bath, and Beyond … Williams Sonoma … you name it!  And, I spent no more than $20 on mine!  Also, if you’re interested in the Jelly Bean syrup I used when doing our first pop experience (from the pictures in this blog post), I got them at Hobby Lobby, although you can also find them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or online!

Happy Poppin’!!!  XOXO — Bridgette


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