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Cousins Rock! A Friend Forever, A Friend for Life! Celebrate National Cousins Day!

Well, hello there TBSH friends! Angela here! It’s been about 2 weeks (far too long) since my last post (I’ll explain in a second). But, I have so been enjoying all of Bridgette’s wonderful posts from France over the last few weeks! Hasn’t her vacation been simply fabulous?!?

So, why have I been like crickets here in Houston? Well for one, it’s summer and the kids are home. They keep me pretty busy and unable to sit down at my computer for any extended period of time. Actually, I think today is the first day in about 5 that I have even placed my fingers on my keyboard! Hello keyboard! How I’ve missed you. Secondly, my cousin Tricia and her son Tristan have been here visiting from Ft. Worth for the last 5 days. They just left and that makes me sad 😦 BUT, happy for the good times we have together a few times a year!

Much of our time together here at my house is just spent swimming and floating in the pool catching up and talking about life and the funny things we did when we were younger. We cook, and often end up catching up on a few chick flicks over some wine while our kiddos are playing in another room:) This time around we went bowling too, and one day we all went to Houston’s beautiful Buffalo Bayou Park. We rented bikes and road the paved trails. It was hotter than Hades!! But we had a great few hours! Plus, we were able to sweat out some of the wine we drank the night before :0 The visit by my cousin couldn’t have come at a better time for this post. You see, this Sunday, July 24th is National Cousins Day! And while my cousin and I won’t be together on this “special day” her visit certainly reminded me of the importance of our cousins!

To Be Simply Happy: Cousins

The beautiful Buffalo Bayou Park bike trail. Can you tell we were sweating like crazy??

To Be Simply Happy: Cousins

Jack’s cousin Tristan pointing something out in the small pond below The Kitchen at The Dunlavy where we grabbed a light lunch.

To Be Simply Happy: Cousins

Movie time with the cousins!

To Be Simply Happy: Cousins

It is said, that more often than not our cousins are our first best friends when growing up. That is certainly true for me! I was an only child until my mother remarried when I was 11. Prior to that my cousin Trish was definitely my best friend, the sister I never had! We were born just 7 months apart. We are 2 of only 7 first-cousins, not a very big clan. And, Trish and I are closest in age to each other. Here we are in one of our first photos together in 1972! Aren’t we cute?

To Be Simply Happy: Cousins

We lived only a quick 5 minute car ride from each other or 10-15 minutes by bike down the country roads. She only has one older brother that liked to give us grief us and make us miserable at all costs. So that made our bond even stronger! I know he looks cute in the photo, but don’t let that fool you 😉 I won’t bore you with all the details of our youth, but we had lots of fun climbing trees, playing with Barbies, running around with the dog, riding bikes, staying outside until the street lights came on, you know all the usual kid things in the 1970s.

So that’s a little “snapshot” of me and my cousin Tricia. Believe me I could go on and on, but then this post would be way too long and you’d get bored. Are you still reading, by the way?? 🙂

I really just wanted to alert you to the fact that this Sunday, July 24th is National Cousins Day. So, get together with your cousins and have some fun if they live nearby! If they don’t, at least reach out this weekend and let them know you are thinking of them and how much they mean to you. Maybe via a phone call, the old fashioned way 😉 I’m sure they’d love to hear your voice.

While doing a little research about Cousins Day I found a site with some fun facts called, “16 Reasons Why Your Cousin is Your BFF”. I’d like to share them with you. I think you’ll get some chuckles from them as you think about your childhood with your cousins!

Your cousins are like siblings, but better.

They are the first friends that you’ll make, and the fact that you’re family too means you’re unlikely to lose touch as you grow older.

Here’s how you know that your cousin is your BFF.

1. They know everything 

They know EVERYTHING about you, and this extends way beyond the usual favorite movies and favorite types of cheese knowledge. They know this, plus all the weird stuff, like how you can only eat food from a certain shaped plate.

2. Embarrassment? What embarrassment? 

You’re never embarrassed in front of them. This is probably because they’ve witnessed the most embarrassing things that’s ever happened to you, such as wetting yourself in the grocery store as a child. Nice…

3. Most memories involve them

They were there right beside you during all of the defining moments in your life. Defining moments like secretly getting your belly button pierced, underage drinking and the time you got lost at Disneyland.

4. You have matching scars 

Thanks to all of your adventures as kids you probably have at least one matching scar from an escapade gone awry.

5. Their presence means a lot 

If they aren’t attending a family event then you won’t be either. It just won’t be as fun.

6. Spending time together is the best

They are the only person that you would rather spend time with than go out with your friends on a Friday night.

7. You have a dance routine 

You have a special dance routine which is often requested by grandparents to be performed at family gatherings. Groovy.

8. Everyone thinks you are siblings 

You’ve lost count of the times people have mistaken you for siblings because you’re so alike. Secretly you wish you could trade your sibling in for your cousin sometimes. Sigh.

9. They’ve been there through the worst 

They’re always there for you when you have family drama. And because your family is their family they understand everything.

10. You have a secret language 

You have a special code involving facial signs, code words, random noises etc. Not even MI5 could crack these secret communication modes.

11. They are brutally honest 

They will be brutally honest with you about anything you ask them, and you’re never offended. Not even the time they told you that your new haircut made you look like a mushroom head.

12. They understand your food obsessions 

They know your favourite food combinations and will always ensure that the cupboards are fully stocked every time you visit. No judgements are passed – even if you have a thing for cold custard and toast.

13. They know your cringe moments

Like your questionable emo phase in Year 9, and the time you accidentally shaved your eyebrows off. And of course they bring all of this up at least once a month.

14. You have a drawer at their place

This contains spare PJs, toiletries, undies and socks for those unplanned sleepovers which happen at least once a week.

15. They make everything fun

A trip to the Post Office will contain at least three Facebook status worthy updates. And a night out with them is so eventful that it could be turned into a Hollywood movie.

16. They are reliable

They’ve been there for you since you were born, and you know that they’ll always be there for you no matter what!

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