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A Cactus Garden: Tips, Tricks, and Inspirations

To Be Simply Happy: Cactus Garden

I am sure you’re thinking: “Why the heck is Bridge blogging about a cactus garden when she is in the French Mediterranean right now”?  Far question, but when stumbling upon the natural spring water bath house I posted about the other day, my stroll in the area also welcomed my stumbling upon a cactus garden.  It wasn’t large in size, but there are two reasons I was drawn to this: (1) I have always loved the cactus gardens that are simple and are pleasing, geometrically, to the eye …, and (2) my mother-in-law mentioned her interest in revamping some of her landscape and she is interested in doing a cactus garden because of the ease of maintenance they require.  So, I naturally became that much more interested 🙂 … And, you know, come to think of it – I should have known this was coming after the hardship I had in walking away from taking photos of the beautiful cacti I came across when camping in Texas, which is blog piece you may also enjoy reading!

So, this blog post … Yes, it is of course for all of my TBSH friends, but it is also for my mother-in-law!  Have you ever made a cactus garden?  I haven’t yet, but I did want to share some great information I found when researching them, should you be interested in making one yourself.  And, wouldn’t you know it, I took to Pinterest (of course!) to look at what others have done when making an outdoor cactus garden and man are there some beautiful gardens!  So, I hope you have time, as well, to peruse my Cactus Board on the To Be Simply Happy Pinterest account 🙂

To Be Simply Happy: Cactus Garden


To Be Simply Happy: Cactus Garden


To Be Simply Happy: Cactus Garden


So, in my normal fashion, I want to share some interesting facts about cacti:

  1. The first mention of a cactus dates back to the 1700’s in botanist journals.
  2. There are over 2000 species of cacti.  (WOW – have fun researching all of those!  But, if you want a starting point, I have a great graphic of the most popular below in the post.)
  3. In the United States, it is illegal to dig up and sell cactus in Arizona and New Mexico.  So, for all of you cactus-cleptos … Don’t hit these states or you’ll regret it!
  4. Some cacti grow fruit, which people are known to consume and use for ingredients to cakes.  In fact, some cactuses are used to make red food dye!
  5. They have a shallow root system so that when rainfall occurs they can quickly absorb the water and begin storing additional water in preparation for any future drought.

In thinking about what cactus garden my mother-in-law is going to make, I really do hope she puts at least one in her garden commonly known as the “mother in law’s cushion” cactus!  I know I would appreciate the humor in that 🙂


To Be Simply Happy: Cactus Garden


But, as I know … like with any garden … planning is always the first major milestone, I found a great reference to the various types of cacti that I think can help you … and my mother-in-law as well, or anyone, ready to take on making a cactus garden:


To Be Simply Happy: Cactus Garden


Here is also a few really good videos that shares good information about cacti:


And… For those that prefer the indoor cactus approach, here is also a fun video to get the inspiration going 🙂


I clearly admitted to my lack of experience in making a cactus garden, although my adoration for cacti has been around for years.  What I am curious about, and I am hoping you can help me with: What are some of your experiences in making an outdoor cactus garden?  There is a comments section below you can engage and I would LOVE your part of the conversation.  Do you have any advice to lend me and my mother-in-law?  And, other resources or videos you think will help?  I know I can’t wait to see the end result of my mother-in-law’ so cactus garden (and mine should I find the space in my yard!), but any words of wisdom you’re willing to share we’re willing to listen and take :). Thanks for joining the blog and as your favorite cactus would say, should she speak: Stay Sharp!  –XOXO, Bridge

OH Yeah … I almost forgot, don’t forget to check out my favorite cactus gardens on our Pinterest Cactus Garden Inspiration board:


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