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A Histocomical (History + Comical) Tribute to July 4th

I don’t say Blah, Blah, Blah” (In my Dracula voice from Hotel Transylvania) – LOL!  Who’s with me?  … No?   I can thank Amelie and my niece, Eva, for this being stuck in my head – that is ALL they kept saying for about 3 hours yesterday while we were swimming and shopping.  Did my intelligence just drop a natch?

Anyways … I woke up this morning and just realized July 4th is like 2 days away!  I know in France the red, white, and blue may not prominently come out until July 14th (Bastille Day for the French, which is their Independence Day.  I like that they are close together – and that we share the same colors!), but I have do something.  I’ll try not to make the news by shooting fireworks from the golf course at my in-laws house (LOL!), but until my genius ideas come on how to celebrate OUR independence in a foreign country, I thought I’d tap into the histocomical (history + comical) side of me and share some things a little outside of the box to get everyone ready.  One of the things I wanted to share is more educational, and if you brush up on your history knowledge you may just be in a position to wow some fellow party-goers with  your conversational factoids.  And, well … The other thing I wanted to share is so freakin’ funny that I wanted to share some laughs with you!

Thank you for this one.  NOTE: Don’t drink coffee while reading this.  You may laugh at some unexpectedly so much that you could get burned from the coffee spewing from your mouth!

To Be Simply Happy: George Washington Captions

Thank you for this awesome info graphic offering a snapshot of American historical factoids related to Independence Day.

To Be Simply Happy: Independence Day Factoids

I hope you enjoyed :). — XOXO, Bridge

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