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Reflections on June by Angela

Good morning TBSH friends! I can’t believe today is July 1st! It kinda snuck up on me. Did it sneak up on you too?

I thought this morning I would look back on everything that happened in the month of June before we got too far into July. It was busy, but not too busy…


June had quite an emotional start. My daughter Lola finished 1st grade after a most wonderful year with her teacher Ms. Coffman. I cannot say enough about Ms. Coffman. Even since school is out she has sent Lola a sweet postcard from her travels. My son Jack “graduated” from our beloved Valley Oaks Elementary school on June 1st. And, not without pomp and circumstance. The school and teachers put on a wonderful graduation ceremony for the kids and parents full of videos and memories being shared of our young graduates and their journey from kindergarten through the day of graduation. It was amazing to see how much they had grown! And, how much they had learned thanks to the amazing teachers we have at Valley Oaks Elementary. Watching them walk one by one across the stage in their buttoned jackets and pretty dresses left hardly a dry eye in the audience. Note my puffy eyes in the picture 🙂


Jack’s amazing teacher Mrs Post!


The following week, Jack went to Washington DC on a school field trip. I wasn’t able to go, but Bridgette (my partner here at TBSH) was one of the parent chaperones. Their trip was full of adventure and fun. They visited so many of our nation’s historical sights in their short 5 days and came home completely exhausted, but full of knowledge and appreciation for our great country.


Summer around our house also means lots of time in the pool trying to beat the Texas heat! Putting in a pool a few years ago was one of the best investments we’ve made! Prior to that, we hardly went out in our backyard in the summer! Who wants to drip sweat with no way of cooling off! We get to enjoy so much quality time as a family laughing and splashing in the pool. Our dog Tiger loves it too 🙂 One of our favorite pool games is “keep the ball up”. With a beach ball we stand in the pool in a circle and count as we pass the ball through the air to each other doing our best to keep it from touching the water or we’ll have to start counting all over again. I think our record is 110! Pretty good, right? But honestly, we usually only make it to about 15 before someone let’s the ball drop 🙂 We spent many afternoons swimming with friends in June. Being only July 1st there is certainly much more of that to come…


The last weekend of the month we took a long weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country staying at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. Our friends Holly and Jon Paul came along with their kids Charlotte, Tyler, and Travis. It was great fun! Look for an upcoming post on that!

Of course we have gotten to do a little sleeping in and days of not much anything going on. But hey, isn’t that what summer’s about?

Amid everything though,Bridgette and I had our first full month at TBSH! We shared 20 posts with you on various topics! From recipes, to travel tips, travel adventures, DIYs, fashion, and more! We sure hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing them with you!

So, HELLO JULY! Let’s get this party started! I’m looking forward to our adventures! And, I hope all of you out there have a wonderful July 4th weekend and an amazing month!


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  1. Great summary of the June 2016 milestones you guys had! I remember talking back in May with you and we were chatting about what a whirlwind of a month we thought June would be; seems like we weren’t wrong :). I love how you gave recognition to Valley Oaks Elementary and the amazing teachers there. I got to see this even more firsthand when co-chaperoning the Washington trip with Ms. Colvard, Ms. Looper, Ms. Reese, and Ms. Post. Their patience was admirable so many times :). You reminded me I need to post about the Washington trip – I am hoping to get that out sometime in August for everyone!!!

    Glad to hear you’re beating the heat in Houston – the Penel family misses you all and hopefully our pockets of adventures captured in the blog, Facebook, and Instagram are sharing the good times we are having!


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