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Guacamole Recipe: A Fiesta of Color and Taste In Every Bite

To Be Simply Happy: Guacamole

I grew up thinking Mexican food was a part of everyone’s common-day recipes, but didn’t realize until venturing outside of my home state some years ago that apparently in Texas there is a special fusion of Mexican-style foods, called Tex-Mex, that lends uniqueness to the origins of Mexican food.  The earliest recollection I had to this experience was when skiing in Colorado for a UIL band competition when I was around fourteen years old and my friends and I decided to eat at a “Mexican” restaurant.  I thought I had ordered the typical refried beans, Mexican rice, and enchiladas.  I think I must have starred at my plate for what seemed hours when they gave me my order; these were NOT refried beans nor enchiladas … It was black beans with no seasoning, and a dry burrito (I think?)!

To Be Simply Happy: Guacamole

I have lived long enough to build quite a fondness for many Tex-Mex dishes, and surprisingly guacamole was not on my original list of favorites should you have asked me when in my teens.  I don’t know why the appreciation for avocado came in my 20’s, but I am SO happy to have found it, and there is NO looking back now 🙂  This has now blessed many of my meals and I am really happy that both of my kids have found their own love for guacamole to the point they also love making the recipe!  Plus … Let’s be honest, the fact they can make this and it still come out equally tasty saves momma some much need time on other parts of the cooking – YAY me!


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Hello! I am a zestful and passionate tech-gal that is also doing my best to raise amazing children ... sips a Nespresso before tackling yoga ... enjoys more the sprint interval running kind of routine ... drools over travel ... is a new budding foodie and chef ... isn't afraid of a DIY, or getting hands dirty ... feels the thirst for learning should be a lifelong companion ... supports my hubby in his Ironman endeavors ... tries to spread as much happiness for others as possible ... OH, and never lets a day go by when I haven't smiled :)


  1. Bernadette says

    I love me some guacamole!! That is my exact memory of that Mexican restaurant we ate at in Colorado too. I can’t believe you still remember that. I have told that story many times throughout the years… That was not Texmex nor was it Mexican either.. hahaha


    • HAHAHA! I can’t believe you remember that, too! I am SO happy you do – we had some good times and it melts me that you hold as fond (even if some are funny) memories of us two crazy gals trying to figure out the world together! Love you Bernadette!!!


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