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European Road Trip: A Little Learning Distraction While You Hit The Road

To Be Simply Happy: European License Plate Decoder

We’ve been a little adventurous lately while spending time along the Mediterranean and what we enjoyed, as a family, was guessing the various codes you can pick up from the license plates of the cars zooming down the highways and village roads!  I know we have a similar road trip game in the United States, where you look for license plates from various states and the kids guess the state, but down in Texas … it isn’t as much a challenge because it is not common to find other states cruising often because heck – we’re literally a state bigger than the entire country of France!  Whereas, perhaps up north, like New York, it is probably more common to have multi-state vehicles next to you.

But, we brought this game full throttle when driving from France to Spain!  This is a super fun, and educational activity, where everyone (perhaps except the driver) looks at the license plates of the cars, and:

  • Level 1: Try to identify what country the car is from.
  • Level 2: Try to identify the region of the country the car is licensed to.
  • Level 3: If you really want to get your geek on with this game, try to determine if the vehicle is up to certifications and safety standards!

Need the answers?  Here is a quick link to the Wikipedia page offering you all of the answers you need: European License Plate Wikipedia.  Also, check out a blog completely dedicated to this subject: European License Plates Blog

AND … If you just had WAY to much fun with this and want a cute reminder to this family fun affair, perhaps you should consider getting a European license plate made for the state you live in the U.S.A.: Click Here

Happy road tripping!  – XOXO, Bridgette

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  1. Bridgette says

    Glad I could share something new! Wouldn’t this be a cool card game, or something, back in the states? !?! Okay, maybe it is the dork coming back out in me, but I would enjoy nonetheless and I am convinced Max would kick my tush probably when playing it – this kid rocks his geography :). More to come on the TBSH blog of the adventures in France and Spain – thanks for reading!!!


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