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Kelly-Tooke: The Perfect Traveling Companion

Hello friend!  As if packing a family of four in record time wasn’t enough anxiety-filled torture in getting this family across the pond to spend the summer in France with family, the last thing I had on my list was to find the perfect travel companion that would hold everything I needed to get me thru the 24 hours of airport sitting – security line standing – 11+ hour flying – 3 hour layover – car riding adventure.  I’ve done my share of business travel, and have had some international vacations in my time, so I knew the things I wanted to take to appease me thru this “travel adventure” (insert sarcasm here!), but I didn’t have anything in my closet that seemed to fit the bill of both function and style … Until I found Kelly-Tooke!


It was by accident I found the Kelly-Tooke brand.  I needed my Lancel purse retouched in preparation for my trip and made my way to the trusted store I’ve had only great service with my leather shoe repairs: Houston Shoe Hospital.  (I love the location at Westheimer and Chimney Rock – the staff there are hands-down amazing.).  While in the shop I noticed they were displaying a purse and tote line named Kelly-Toote.  I found my way over to look at the many models of bags, totes, purses, and traveling cases.  The leather was like nothing I had ever touched before.  It was incredibly soft … Almost to soft, if that is possible!  Apparently, it is so finely crafted that spilling water, or heck … any liquid, on the product repels so majestically.  The Kelly family, a long-time leather enthusiast beginning their craftsmanship with leather decades ago recently decided to create a handbags and leather goods product.


I immediately fell in love with their line, and also realized the Harley-Hobo was the ideal traveling friend.  (Want to hear something cute?  Each of their purses are named after one of their grandchildren!)  Not only does it come with two strap variations (one more best served to hold in hand when running errands in the city … and the other as a longer strap, perfect for crossing over your should for the manic pace of walking through the airport!), but the the inside was perfect size to hold my laptop (a must travel piece), magazines, personal items, and a special pouch for my cell phone, keys, and pens. As if that wasn’t enough, I was surprised that my purchase came with the small tote that really came in handy when it was time to freshen up on the airplane from the travel because it held my travel-sized toiletries and hand sanitizer in perfectly packed form!

I am not blessed to have a room dedicated to purses of plenty, and therefore choose my selection wisely.  Because of my many business travels this experience has given me a lot of insight into how to pack smart and light … And if I can accomplish that with style and high quality, I am one happy gal :). This tote combination met the mark during their first travel debut and I am so happy I have them now in my collection!

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Hello! I am a zestful and passionate tech-gal that is also doing my best to raise amazing children ... sips a Nespresso before tackling yoga ... enjoys more the sprint interval running kind of routine ... drools over travel ... is a new budding foodie and chef ... isn't afraid of a DIY, or getting hands dirty ... feels the thirst for learning should be a lifelong companion ... supports my hubby in his Ironman endeavors ... tries to spread as much happiness for others as possible ... OH, and never lets a day go by when I haven't smiled :)

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