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Is June 15th Really Fly A Kite Day? Here Is An Easy Way To Get Flying!

Hello my awesome TBSH friends!  I just got back from a great trip to Washington with M (my son) in honor of his graduation from elementary.  The trip was pretty darn amazing, and I’ll make sure I get that blog up soon for all of you that are interested!  One thing I have to say, though, in that trip was how fun it was to watch people at the Washington Memorial fly their kites on what I feel was one of the windiest days I’ve seen in a long time.  For the first time I didn’t mind my hair flying in every direction, knowing the tangled mess I’d have on my hands – it was so fun just lifting my head up like a school girl again and letting my mind wonder as kites were swarming the bright sky.  Simply cool 🙂

To Be Simply Happy: Go Fly A Kite Day

Kites have been around for a long time, and even hundreds of years ago they were a favorite past time for children! In Williamsburg, Virginia … a Williamsburg shop showcases what stores used to display to entice the younger patrons to purchase their favorite items.

And, wouldn’t coincidence have it that this recent kite-watching moment was so close to National Fly A Kite Day in America (June 15th to be exact)… seriously, who came up with this?  I sat for a minute trying to remember the last time I had flown a kite (and I’m not counting the kind G – my husband – refers to when he’s kitesurfing!).  Honestly, I think I must have been a kid the last time I have flown one.  Well, the inspiration from seeing beautiful air floating in the skies + it being a national holiday was enough for me to want to do it again … except this time I wanted to have the memory with my kiddos 🙂

To Be Simply Happy: Go Fly A Kite Day

Here is one of my favorite kites I admired when at the Washington Monument this past week.

Not to get off topic … BUT – I love learning – literally OBSESSED with factoids!  I didn’t want to keep some cool finds on the history of kites to myself … therefore, I thought I’d throw in some stuff into this post that also let you walk away with more than just how to make a cool kite to fly.  Kites may be a modern-day activity for entertainment these days, especially on days where wind and sun conditions are apparent.  But, take a peek at these top interesting facts about kites:

  1. Kites were originally created during 5th-century (BC) by Chinese philosophers.  They were originally made with silk fabrics, which China at that time was the dominant maker and supplier of silk.
  2. By 529 (AD) paper kites were being made, and have even been recorded to have been used as a tool to deliver messages for rescue missions.  Further, they have been known to be utilized in measuring distances, testing wind, lifting men, signaling, and communication for military purposes and operations.  I think I am intrigued by that lifting men part 🙂
  3. The first kites were not the diamond shape we most know today – actually, they were rectangular!
  4. It is recorded that kites were introduced to Europe by Marco Polo towards the end of the 13th century; it took a while for the western civilization to pick up how they would like to use the kite and didn’t catch to using it as a tool for purpose until the 18th century when they began using them for scientific research.  If you’re connecting dots you’ll quickly remember 1750 marks the year the famous Benjamin Franklin made public, thru a publication, his experiment while using a kite to introduce the concept of electricity during a lightening storm!
  5. Did you also know that the Wright Brothers, famously known as the inventors of the airplane, in the late 1800s relied heavily in kites as a source of instrumental research when developing the first airplane?
To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day

Here is A with her custom-made kite … ready to see what she can do to get this up into the sky. It wasn’t terribly windy, but she was able to get a few gusts!

To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day

Yep … this girl doesn’t give up! If she can’t rely on the wind, she won’t let that spoil her fun 🙂

Okay!  Now that we’ve checked off the list “I’ve learned something new today”, let’s get to some more fun stuff – getting a kite ready to fly.

How To Design and Fly Your Own Kite

(note: I put “your” italic because I hope you’re inspired to design and make your own … if not, that’s okay – go buy one and get kiting!)

To Be Simply Happy: Go Fly A Kite

STEP 1.  Get A White Kite Kit. You can purchase a kite undesigned from many places. Because I have a lot of friends with kids the same age as mine, I went online to Oriental Trading and ordered a dozen for super cheap! This gave us the chance to spread the “Go Fly A Kite” love around the city 🙂


To Be Simply Happy: Go Fly A Kite

To Be Simply Happy: Go Fly A Kite

STEP 2. Design Your Kite. Get to making whatever design or color montage that speaks to you the most! A (my daughter) decided to draw two lines that divided her kite into four different quadrants she could put different designs into. I kept it simple and just used the entire kite as my single canvas to draw on. But, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Just get your crayons and markers and have fun with it!

To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day

STEP 3. Assemble The Kite Parts. Your kite, when purchased, should have come with assembly instructions. Mine did and they were SUPER simple to follow. Therefore, once you’ve designed your kite – assemble it! What Are You Waiting For?  Go Fly Your Kite Now 🙂

To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day

To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day


To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day

To Be Simply Happy: Fly A Kite Day

I hope you are inspired to fly a kite today … or tomorrow … or this week!  It was really fun doing this project with the kids and running around without a care in the world.  I’m glad we didn’t run into each other 🙂  Keep safe and fly some awesome kites!

Curious … got any great kite flying tips, tricks, or stories?  If so, share them!  I’d love to hear about them!

XOXO – Bridge


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