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Father knows best! Oh wait, that’s Mom! Mom knows best! But, we’ll give Dad a day too :)

All kidding aside, Father’s Day is just around the corner and we want dads to get some love and recognition too! Besides, Dad is a son’s first hero and, a daughter’s first love. So, what does Dad want for Father’s Day? He’ll probably say, “Nothing. I just want to be with you and the kids”. A little hanky panky in the bedroom with Mom is what he’s really thinking! Wink, wink. But, I digress… What about some gifts of love and appreciation for our roach killing (we do live in Texas after all), attic retrieving, BBQ grilling hunk of a dad! We’ve rounded up a few conventional and, not so conventional ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing.


This is one of my favorite pictures from Father’s Day 2013 in Tulum, Mexico!

Traeger Wood Fired Grill: I got my husband a Traeger grill a couple of years ago. We always had a big charcoal smoker type grill. But, I heard about Traeger. It’s a little different. A healthier alternative. Traeger uses all natural wood pellets to cook. No more icky chemicals from charcoal. And, you can get different wood pellet flavors like, apple, hickory, maple, oak, and mesquite,to name a few. Trager Grills range from $429 – $1299. Check out their website Traeger Grills from more information and to see which local retailers keep them in stock.





Six Pack Cooler Tote: Does Dad like to bring his own beer to a party? I love this tote from Uncommon Goods. It’s a neoprene tote that will keep Dad’s brews cold and frosty for just $27.95.


Vans “Off the Wall” Shoes: Everyone in my family has a pair of Vans! No skateboarding experience required 🙂 They are eternally cool! And, there are so many different styles to choose from. These are the ones that we got my hubby as part of an early Father’s Day present this year!


The Amazon Echo: Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, read audiobooks, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more – instantly. All you have to do is ask! CNET says, “The Echo may be the closest thing we’ll have to a Star Trek computer at home”. This sounds like a really cool device. I think my hubby needs one! It’s $179 on Amazon.


Premium Cigar of the Month Club: For the Dad that likes to enjoy an occasional stogie there’s the Cigar of the Month Club. Starting at $24.95 a month, Dad will receive 5 hand-rolled premium cigars of varying shapes, sizes, and tobacco blends, hand-crafted by limited production, boutique manufacturers as well as from highly rated super premium brands.



Unique Experiences: How would Dad like to race a Ferrari, ride along in a NASCAR, take wakeboard lessons, go to bull riding school, or take a golf lesson from a PGA Pro? These and many more experiences can be bought at Cloud 9 Living! Prices range from $45 up to $1395 to be a fighter pilot for a day! Check out their site for all the offerings and the cities where available.


Sometimes, it’s just the “simple” things in life that is all Dad wants. How about a special breakfast prepared by the kids and a day just to lounge without a list of “to-dos”. Or, have the kids write a letter to Dad telling him how special he is and what they love about him. Make sure and put the year 2016 on them. This is a great gift to give every year! He surely will love reading those letters in the future. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

I found some cute free printables at Family Ever After Blog.  How cute is the “Dad’s Root Beer Stache”!




So, there you have it! A few ideas to get you thinking about what you and the kids can get Dad this year for Father’s Day. Whatever you decide, let’s all make sure that Dad knows how much he is loved and appreciated.



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