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The Best Quinoa Breakfast The Kids Can’t Get Enough Of

To Be Simply Happy: Qninoa Breakfast Meal

I can remember being a young girl at my grand-parents house on a lazy summer weekend and being offered oatmeal, but never really enjoyed it because it seemed so sloppy and gooey!  I think that stuck with me for some time because I never was receptive to an oat breakfast.  And then came along Quinoa, which I swear I have been mispronouncing for months (D’oh … in my Homer Simpson voice).  A few months ago I had a moment of open-mindedness while meeting a dear friend for breakfast at Tiny NO. 5; they had quinoa on the menu and I said, “Why Not!”

I walked away from that breakfast a changed woman – why have I been depriving myself of this awesome dish?  I am so ridiculous sometimes!  I came home boasting about this so much that I became inspired to make it for the kiddos the next day.  Begrudgingly, they said they were willing to eat something they cannot pronounce, either.  We are all SO glad they did because to everyone’s shock and dismay, they really liked the dish – WHAAAT!   (I think I walked out of the room and peaked around the corner to see if I would catch them throwing it away while I was out of the room … but it didn’t happen.)  This dish is now on the default list of menu options we turn to when preparing breakfast.  So … for all of you doubters, or skeptics, in the world that may believe no kid eats quinoa self-willing, you now have your first case study!

Family Rating: 8.5

If you have seen any of my other recipes you will find I will share the 1-10 scale rating each of us in the family give a dish.  The rating for this quinoa breakfast?  The family average for this recipe is: 9.3 (I rounded up)

  1. A (my eight year old daughter) gives this a 10 (this girl would have this every morning if I’d let her!)
  2. M (my eleven year old son) gives this an 8 (he is hard to please – that is unless there is only sugar sitting in his bowl!)
  3. G (my lovely husband) gives this a 9 (being a triathlete, he likes this dish because of the protein-pack it offers)
  4. B (myself) gives this a 10 (why?  I could eat this twice in one day with no problem!)

And I am sure you ALL know you are feasting your eyes on my lunch today!  I guess I am much like A; I can’t pass this recipe up 🙂

To Be Simply Happy: Quinoa For Breakfast Please

To Be Simply Happy: Quinoa For Breakfast Please



  • 2 Cup of Water
  • 1 Cup of Quinoa Seeds


  • Large Sauce Pan with Lid
  • Wood Stirring Spoon
  • Measuring Cup


  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • Oats
  • Fruit

Recipe Facts

  • Servings: 2 Persons, small portion size (double recipe if preparing for large serving size)
  • Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
  • Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
  • Serving Tips: The garnish ingredients are all optional and I put what our favorite ones are in this recipe.  But, be creative and explorative with this recipe!  Make your own and share with us what you find is your favorite garnish(s)

To Be Simply Happy: Quinoa For Breakfast Please

Recipe Directions

Preparing the Quinoa: The most important thing you have to do is cook your Quinoa.  And, for you busy moms in the morning, you don’t have to stare at this when it is cooking – just use your nifty timer!

  1. Place the large saucepan onto the stove and place the heat at high temperature.
  2. Pour the 2 cups of water into the saucepan.
  3. Pour the 1 cup of quinoa into the saucepan with the water.
  4. Once the water and quinoa are showing signs of boiling, lower the stove temperature to low-simmer … and let it cook for 13-15 minutes.

Transforming the dish to be your own: Now that the quinoa is cooked, it’s the fun part in letting everyone (including the kiddos) customize their breakfast.

  1. Mix in the honey, sugar, fruits … whatever delights the heart.
  2. Enjoy!

Ooh … don’t forget to turn your stove off!  I tend to forget more than I am going to admit!

To Be Simply Happy: Quinoa For Breakfast Please

To Be Simply Happy: Quinoa For Breakfast Please

To Be Simply Happy: Qninoa Breakfast Meal


I hope you like the recipe!  If you find your family enjoys this, too … let me know!  I’d love to hear (and even see the pictures you may be open to share) of how you make a quinoa breakfast a morning staple!  –XOXO Bridge

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