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Spray It Like It’s Hot! The Best 5-Step, 12-Minute (yes, I actually counted!) Manicure EVER

To Be Simply Happy: Spray On Nails

It’s a manic Friday afternoon – you know, the kind when the kids get home from school and the hum of busy still surrounds the house – and I realize there is NO WAY in heck I am going to be able to make it to the nail place before I am due to arrive at my friend’s house for a BBQ – like, tonight!  I gave myself 30 seconds to second-glance all of my time management decisions over the week … okay, obviously that was going nowhere!  Then I realized I am actually saved – I have spray!  … Say what now?

Spray On Nails

It was absolute coincidence I even had spray – I just happened to stumble upon this when at Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day.  The intrigue was good enough for me to take it home and wait for the right moment when I may need it.  Well, who would have thought 2 days later I would be scrambling to try this out!  If you haven’t tried spraying your nail polish on … you should definitely give it a try.  It literally took me 12 minutes to prep – spray – and top coat.  I know I didn’t get the pamper I normally have by going to a salon (I’m THAT girl that has NO problem falling asleep when they are doing my nails … what can I say … I carpe diem the heck out of anytime I can get some rest!), but this wasn’t the moment I could escape.  I needed a good, quick fix and this did not disappoint.


  • 1 Piece of paper (this will be used to rest your hand on when spraying so that you don’t get the spray on the table)
  • Top coat
  • Spray (Nails, Inc. is the maker of the spray and the Top-Coat I used.  I purchased both at Sally’s Beauty Supply, but you can also buy it directly from Nails, Inc., as well as Sephora.  I spent less than $20 for both the top coat and spray, BTW)

Nails, Inc. 2-in-1 Topcoat polish         Spray-Polish-c


  1. Clean.  Make sure your nails are free from any other polish and wash your hands.
  2. Top-Coat.  Put a top-coat on your nails and let it dry (about 2-3 minutes).
  3. Spray.  Place your hand on your paper.  With your other hand, shake your spray can and spray the paint on your nails from about 4-6 inches away from your nails.  (Don’t freak out by the fact the spray is getting on your hands – it washes off!)  Let the paint dry (it takes about 2-3 minutes).
  4. Top-Coat.  Once your polish has dried, you’ll want to put another top-coat onto your nails and let it dry (again, about 2-3 minutes).
  5. Wash.  With warm water, wash the polish off of your hands (I noticed the paint became easier to take off once the warm water was on my hands for about a minute.  In all, it took about 3 minutes to wash off the polish from my fingers).



And, faster than I could read thru all of the paperwork my kids came home from school with my nails were ready 🙂



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