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It’s Official: To Be Simply Happy Is Born And Ready To Inspire!

To Be Simply Happy: Day 1

Organic Blackberry and Lemon Tier Cake: Compliments of Whole Foods

So today is the day we want to say Hello – Bonjour – Howdy World from To Be Simply Happy – a joint lifestyle venture by us, Bridgette and Angela! To Be Simply Happy, or TBSH in short-form, has been in the making for some time and we finally decided to take the plunge – jump right in – go for it.

Let's All Toast Together!

Let’s All Toast Together!

To Be Simply Happy

Toasting to the success of To Be Simply Happy 🙂

So, what exactly is To Be Simply Happy? So glad you asked! To Be Simply Happy (TBSH) is a lifestyle company and blog that is aiming to serve as a trusted source of information for amazing women. Our goal is to be that enjoyable read during a moment of relaxation over the week, or weekend … perhaps be the “go to” when you want some of the best recipes out on the market … serve as a seed of inspiration for DIY projects, or updating your personal haven and home … serve as the avenue you can gain views, advice, and perspectives on career-related topics for women and mothers … and, let your mind explore and be inspired through travel chronicles and tips. These have all been areas in our life that have opened opportunities for happiness and fulfillment, which is why we want to afford the same areas of concentration and focus on To Be Simply Happy!

To Be simply Happy: Day 1

To Be Simply Happy: Celebrating Day 1!

Today is an earmark for us, and we hope for you too as you become a To Be Simply Happy friend. As you can imagine, we are in bootstrap mode and didn’t have the Great Gatsby funds to host and throw the party of the century for the first day of being open to the world, but we still raise our glasses and toast with you from the warmth of our home. We hope you check us out – become a follower and fan – and engage with us on To Be Simply Happy so we can all make it the place we all can be inspired from.

You Can Join Us On:

  • Instagram: tobesimplyhappy
  • Pinterest: tobesimplyhappy
  • Facebook: tobesimplyhappy
  • Twitter: tobesimplyhappy
  • Bloglovin: tobesimplyhappy
To Be Simply Happy: Day 1

We toast to you and To Be Simply Happy 🙂


To Be Simply Happy: Day 1

We Left Nothing Behind!

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Hello! I am a zestful and passionate tech-gal that is also doing my best to raise amazing children ... sips a Nespresso before tackling yoga ... enjoys more the sprint interval running kind of routine ... drools over travel ... is a new budding foodie and chef ... isn't afraid of a DIY, or getting hands dirty ... feels the thirst for learning should be a lifelong companion ... supports my hubby in his Ironman endeavors ... tries to spread as much happiness for others as possible ... OH, and never lets a day go by when I haven't smiled :)

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