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A Statement and Functional Piece: The Copper Book / Magazine / iPad Holder

Copper has recently struck a cord with me, and a good one I mean.  The more I see it around the more I really appreciate the versatility it can offer in bringing pop into a room without it being over-baring.  With inspiration from A Bubbly Life I decided it was time to give my Kitchen Aid Mixer a copper friend in my kitchen by making a copper pipe holder.  I resist from only referring to it as an iPad holder because I know it will also serve me well when pulling out my cookbooks and food magazines while being a mad-foodie in the kitchen 🙂  I am pretty happy with how it turned out, although after cutting all of my pipe I ended up with three blisters on my hands!  I realized after the fact when speaking with the friendly staff at Home Depot that they will cut my pipe next time for me – I guess that’s how you learn!  But, to each their own way – if you still want to cut the pipe yourself, I have supplemental instructions for you pipe-cutting road warriors, too 🙂

And … not to stall your instruction-fun project, but I am known to be a factoid nerd, so if you want to learn a little something about copper while you’re here … make sure you scroll to the bottom!

To Be Simply Happy: Copper Book Holder

To Be Simply Happy: Cooper Book Holder

Below you’ll find the simple instructions on how to make this statement piece!  And, if you find you appreciate the simplicity this project offers but simply don’t have the time to make one … or many … don’t worry, you can get one at our Etsy boutique!


  • 8 inch copper pipe (quantity 1)
  • 6 inch copper pipe (quantity 2)
  • 4 inch copper pipe (quantity 2)
  • 1 inch copper pipe (quantity 2)
  • Copper tube caps  (quantity 4)
  • Copper 90-degree elbow (quantity 2)
  • Copper 90-degree street elbow (quantity 2)To Be Simply Happy: Copper
  • To Be Simply Happy: Copper

*** If you prefer cutting the pipe yourself, you should purchase a 1/2 inch copper pipe (at least 32 inches long) and you’ll need the below tool to cut the pipe:

  • Tube cutter (for copper pipe)

Also, I have seen where instructions were offered where you could use Elmer’s ProBond Max Wood Glue to keep the pieces connected.  I found in doing this you lose flexibility in the movement of the bottom holders, which I personally like because it gives me the ability to to expand out when I want to use the holder for a large book!

To Be Simply Happy: CopperTo Be Simply Happy: Copper


  1. Take your 8 inch pipe and fasten the two 90-degree elbow pieces to both ends.  Once you have completed this, you will then take your two 6 inch pipes and also fasten those to the two 90-degree elbow pieces that are fastened to the 8 inch pipe.  To Be Simply Happy: Copper
  2. Attach the two 90-degree street elbow pieces now to the ends of each of your 6 inch pipes. To Be Simply Happy: CopperTo Be Simply Happy: Copper
  3. Take your two 1-inch copper pipes and fasten one on each 90-degree street elbow.  Once this is done, take your four copper tube caps and place one on each remaining unconnected side of your 90-degree street elbow, and one on each remaining unconnected 1 inch copper pipe.
    To Be Simply Happy: Copper

And, there you have it!  Your very own copper companion in the kitchen!  Heck, who am I kidding … this piece can even go into the office – take a look at another blog that shows how it can be used in that room, too 🙂To Be Simply Happy: Copper To Be Simply Happy: Copper To Be Simply Happy: Copper To Be Simply Happy: Copper


Thanks to the Copper Alliance, I’ve learned some cool factoids about copper:

  • Copper is one of the oldest metals known to civilization.
  • Did you know back in the Egyptian era, copper represented eternal life!
  • Also, the Egyptians used the ankh symbol to denote copper in their system of hieroglyphs.
  • Copper comes from the Latin word cuprum, meaning “from the island of Cyprus.” … Take me there!
  • Copper is the only metal other than gold that has natural color.
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