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Pencils Gone Wild: Make It A Personal Thing With Your Pencils!

These Pencils Give Me Goosebumps!

Who doesn’t like self-expression and personalization that mirrors who they are, or even better yet who they are aspiring to be? Everyone finds inspirations in big things – in big ways – but, we also find them in some of the smallest elements in our day. Call me crazy, but the pencil gives me goose bumps!

Pencil: Group of Four

I find I am picking up a pencil before a pen when needing to jot something down; perhaps it’s from those early school days when writing with ink was followed with a gasp from the elementary teacher? Fear was immediately set at any thought of picking up a pen. But, the pencil – it was heralded as the friend of all budding minds, and therefore it was safe and uncompromising. Obviously, years have passed since those days and alas, I am happy to report I can write with a pen with little concerns now, but my natural instinct is still to reach for the beloved pencil. It is a magical tool that is willing to follow your every hand movement until you’ve created a word, a shape, or even perhaps an unplanned masterpiece.

Pencils: In A Jar

It’s time to let those pencils go wild and become even more personal! I did just that with giving my pencils each a custom, inspirational design. I realized afterwards I probably should have put them under lock-and-key because Amelie, my daughter, has decided they were equally inspiring, and therefore equally hers! We managed to compromise, but in retrospect it affirmed that inspirational pencils are the must-have for all of us ladies, young and younger 😉

And Here We Go!

I have the instructions below on how to do this awesome project. If you don’t have the time to get your pencil inspiration on, don’t worry – visit our Boutique and see if any of ours are perfect for you!

Pencil: Group of Four


  • Pencils (Don’t start with used pencils; start with a new pencil(s) and the brand and type do not have a major impact on the outcome of the project)
  • Sticker Maker (I used the Xyron brand, which wasn’t too pricey – you can get it directly from Xyron, or at various retailers such as JoAnn’s and Paper Source)
  • Adhesive Cartridge (If you purchase the Sticker Maker it should come already with the adhesive cartridge.  If you need more, you can buy refills directly from Xyron, or at various retailers such as JoAnn’s and Paper Source)
  • Awesome Paper That Speaks To Your Heart (The paper should be slightly thicker than tissue paper, but not as thick as cardstock. I used glassine paper on my pencils and it seems to be the perfect weight to form to the pencil.)
  • A Pencil, or Pen (This one will be used to help place demarkations on where you’ll cut your paper)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Steady Eye and Hand (Not to be snarky, but you’ll want to make sure perhaps you haven’t had 8 cups of coffee when doing this project!)


  1. Measure the length of your pencil.  With your ruler, you’ll want to measure the length from where the metal band connects to the wooden part of the pencil to the sharpening side of the pencil.  (*** Typically, this measures 13 centimeters for standard pencils, which is what is shown above.)
  2. Take your Awesome Paper  (!) and turn it upside down.  (Why, you ask?  You don’t want to put marks on the side of the paper you’ll want showing on your pencil.)
  3. Using your ruler, starting from the edge of the paper, you’ll want to draw a rectangle that measures 13 centimeters in length by 3 centimeters in width.
  4. Cut the rectangle from the paper.
  5. Place the newly cut paper into the Xyron sticker maker, with the pattern you want on your pencil facing up (By putting the pattern of your paper facing up you are ensuring the adhesive that is being put on the paper is placed on the back of the paper!).
  6. Feed your paper through the Xyron sticker maker.
  7. Place your pencil on a flat surface, such as a table.
  8. Take the clear film off of the paper that you fed thru the sticker maker; Take the white adhesive backing off of your paper.
  9. Carefully line up the length of your paper alongside one of the hexagon lines of the pencil (Be careful – the paper is quite sticky and if you don’t use both hands to place the paper onto the pencil you may end up with the paper sticking to another part of itself, causing an unusable paper – Yikes!)  (I typically start with putting my first corner of my paper onto the side with the metal band so that if my paper is slightly longer than the pencil, it is easier to trim at the sharpening end of the pencil!)
  10. Firmly pres the paper against the pencil and slowly guide the paper onto each hexagon side of the pencil until the pencil is completely covered with the paper.  It is most likely your paper will fold over onto a part of the pencil that is already with paper on it.  That’s okay!  You’re getting a little double-coverage:)  (A handy trick I use when doing this step is by using both of my index fingers and placing them in the center of the pencil and letting them firmly press the paper by moving from the center outward to both ends of the pencil.)

I hope you have LOADS of fun doing this project, whether it be just for yourself or something you choose to do with others.  I personally loved doing this with my daughter and teaching her something new!  If you decide to do this project, we’d love it if you share photos of your own pencils 🙂


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    • Thanks for your comment on our Pencil post 🙂 We currently don’t have an RSS set up on the blog. Is this something you feel would be of value or use to you?


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