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The Productive Home Office: The Top 3 Things You Must Have To Get Your Productivity Nirvana On When Working From Home

Hello My Fellow Productivity-Seeking Friends ūüôā ¬†I thought I’d write about my top productivity tips and tricks for you. ¬†Having worked in the tech space for years, I have become quite acclimated to being able to work from home. ¬†Being productive was always expected, but when I also started two technology start-ups from home, the element of productivity had to be¬†a discipline I honed. ¬†This didn’t come naturally to me at first, by the way. ¬†It took some practice and whenever there was a moment by a day’s end that I didn’t feel I met my productive level my poor family was probably the biggest victim of¬†them all because I just wouldn’t stop working! ¬†Luckily I started to realize what was killing my productivity and what was actually helping it. ¬†I have found my productivity mojo¬†and I thought I’d pass along some of the things that have served me well.

To Be Simply Happy: The Productive Home Office

Clean Space.

First and foremost, it goes without question you need a clean space to begin your day. ¬†Since my youth I have been cursed with not being able to focus whenever there is a lot of clutter around. ¬†(Come to think of it … I think this is probably more of a blessing than a curse!) ¬†Therefore, I formed two habits when it comes to clean space:

  1. Keep the mess on the desk at a minimum when working throughout the day.
  2. Clean up any mess on the desk when finished working for the day. ¬†(I will¬†be honest with you on this one and admit there have been a few times when I just didn’t have the energy to clean up a pile of paper off my desk when calling it quits for the day. ¬†BUT, I did make sure that when I kicked my next day off I cleaned off my desk so that I could start my day with a clean slate and a clear mind!)

I know these may sound simple and almost insulting to some, but I have sometimes had to remind myself of this simple tip when I have felt a fluster come on.

To Be Simply Happy: The Productive Home Office

To Be Simply Happy: The Productive Home Office



This clearly won’t be a shocker for most but you HAVE to have some technology pieces in your home office if you’re honestly going to put yourself in a¬†position to succeed for the day. ¬†I am not even going to entertain the thought that I would even have to list having a computer in an home office is a must. ¬†Therefore,¬†moving on! ¬† My ultimate – cannot live without –¬†I would literally crawl into the fetal position and cry for 40 days if you took these from me … pieces are:

  1. My Apple cinema screen.  This is one mamma-jamma delight when I work because I can literally put 3-4 documents or screens up at once.  No РI am not insane by working from multiple documents at once because more times than not I have patted myself on the back when I saved minutes, if not hours, when working on presentation edits and not having to toggle between image files, older presentation versions, etc.  So, trust me Рthis screen / monitor is well worth it!
  2. Wireless keyboard and mouse.¬† Seriously … is anything wired these days anymore? ¬†Well, if they are, release yourself from those shackle¬†peripherials (devices I mean)¬†and put¬†freedom in your life with your work! ¬†I’ll go a little ergo-dork on you on this one and tell you that these are seriously great for your best ergonomic self. ¬†But, in addition to this, I love being able to pass the keyboard and mouse baton off to someone else when collaborating and they need to take the reins in¬†editing something in real-time on my computer. ¬†(I have had a few people ask me where I got my keyboard. ¬†It’s actually an Apple wireless keyboard with a keyboard cover on it. ¬†I got it from Lily Rain, but the product itself is called FCTRY Flapjack Keyboard Cover. ¬†$15 bucks can add such a cool detail don’t ya think ūüėČ



Okay … so you’re probably wondering: “What the heck does inspiration have to do with productivity?” … aren’t ya? ¬†It actually is VERY relevant and important because there will be moments during your day when your mind needs to wonder – it needs to be taken off of the mental task it’s been on for hours – and be refreshed, if even recharged. ¬†You see, it’s healthy to allow your brain a little break. ¬†I used to feel so guilty if I even allowed myself 2 minutes of taking myself off of a task … and then I got burned out. ¬†Who wins in this? ¬†No one! ¬†And, then I allowed myself a little color on my desk and all seemed good again ūüôā

To Be Simply Happy: The Productive Home Office

A blank, white wall has never done it for me when I’ve needed a little mind-scape. ¬†That is why putting inspirational items around a¬†home office is a must. ¬†I made myself¬†an ob-long linen board and put it next to my work area. ¬†I purposely pinned it with:

  1. Small monthly calendars. ¬†I get so aggravated if I need to have a quick reference of a day on the calendar and I have to click thru 2-3 apps or mouse-clicks on my computer. ¬†Not productive for me – so I pinned up these really inspiring monthly calendars on my board. ¬†I have had these for the past few years and have now found I cannot live without! ¬†I get them at Papersource every year, and am sure I’ll figure out eventually how to make my own.
  2. A Piece Of Art.  If you have little ones around, like I do, they sometimes come home with some of the most colorful and fun art works.  A (my daughter) made this really awesome watercolor and chalk piece and I immediately fell in love with it.  So, I pinned it up.
  3. Vacation Goal.  If I EVER see an article that inspires my next go-to spot to relax, I tear it out and pin it on my board.  It gives my mind a chance for serenity.
  4. Words of Inspiration. ¬†If you have any phrases that just seem to lighten you up, or make you feel better about yourself – pin it! ¬†I know for me, when I walk into my home office and immediate fixate my eyes on those words it already adds a “can do” element to my first morning moments.
  5. Picture It. ¬†We all have a favorite photo of those we love. ¬†For me, I kept it simple by choosing one … but, you should add more if you just want to see more beautiful faces ūüôā ¬†Regardless, having a little reminder of those that make you happy is a great inspiration. ¬†This always ends up being my instant smile piece ūüôā

To Be Simply Happy: The Productive Home Office

And … last but not least … have something fun around! ¬†I’m actually quite serious about this one because sometimes we let work get so much of us that we forget we should also be having fun. ¬†What will you find on my desk today? ¬†A clown’s nose! ¬†Why not – I don’t mind letting the silly out ūüôā ¬†Other things you would have found on desk probably like six months ago (I’m sure my ex-colleagues remember these) are: Lego figures (my lego obsession is best served for it’s own blog … a slinky (still have it on my bookshelf) … a coconut cup carved like the shape of a monkey head (an awesome memorabilia from Hawaii) … and a wooden elephant named Cisco chocolate (a prized possession from my days as a student in Paris, France)! ¬†Clearly, the skies the limit on what makes you giddy and silly but put something on the desk that can get the kid out of you – it’s well worth it!

To Be Simply Happy: The Productive Home Office

And, as I always say – Et Voila! ¬†Remember, repeat after me” I can be productive when I have these three things: 1. Clean Space, 2. Technology, and 3. Inspiration.”!!! ¬†There you have it … my bag of tricks that have kept me productive while working from home, and I am sure will help you reach that productivity nirvana, too. ¬†I hope you have enjoyed the read, even with all of my exclamation marks ūüôā

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